The Best Screely Alternative in 2020 (Seriously)

Are you looking for the best Screely Alternative in 2020?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably used Screely, captured a screenshot or uploaded an image for a prospective mockup. 

Then when you proceeded to edit it, you realised that all you could do is change the background colour, the padding, and add a mac-style window. 

What if you wanted to add a text annotation? Or further edit the picture or capture only a part of the screen? 

You’d have to head over to ‘another’ tool like maybe Sketch or Photoshop to do the rest of the work.

But what if I told you about a better Screely Alternative?

Is there a Screely alternative?

Screely is a web app that claims to be an ‘online tool that instantly turns your screenshots and designs into beautiful design mockups.’

Image of the web app Screely
Screely; the screenshot tool

Interesting. You headed over to Product Hunt and reviewed it. 

Good. You then went to the webpage and proceeded. — That’s your first speedbreaker. You’d have purchased it to test it out if you like it or not. 

While the main webpage does let you try a sample image, it does not function a screenshot trial.

What if you actually invested into Screely and only then found out its limitations?

Here’s why you need a Screely Alternative, that is feature rich, easy to use and gets the job done:

Introducing Shotmockr

Introducing Shotmockr; the 2020 method for taking beautiful screenshots and creating awesome design mockups is here.

This is a screenshot from the webpage of

In just 3 easy steps, you get to create professional-looking screenshots for any design project or purpose:

Step 1: Capture screenshot

Step 2: Edit with amazing options

Step 3: Download and done!

Or, you can put in your image, edit, and viola!

The best part? Shotmockr is also available as a free Chrome Extension to streamline your workflow and it has more features than that of screely.

It works with Windows PC, Mac and Chromebooks. That makes it easy to create mockups without using Behance, Sketch or Photoshop.

Is Shotmockr the Best Screely Alternative?

Crunched with deadlines and an added pressure of producing the most detailed and perfect design mockups, the last thing you need is a cumbersome, where-do-I-find-this editor options. 

Also, it does get annoying when you have invested precious time and money into a tool only to figure out that it does not have a variety of functions that you may be needing. 

For instance, you have a task at work with a financial project software. You need to capture the error entry, highlight its location and blur the rest of the data on the screen. 

If you were to use Screely, you could have only captured a screenshot, changed the background colour and downloaded the image. 

A screenshot showing how only images uploaded can be tested for free and not screenshots.
Screely: test screen for images only

You would then have to again reopen it in Photoshop or other photo editing software to blur the remaining confidential data, highlight the error entry and then add an annotation text. Loooong, right? 

So what’s your alternative tool that lets you do all that?

Look no further, for here is Shotmockr

What is Shotmockr?

Shotmockr is a simple and rich tool to create a professional-looking screenshot for your customers, team members, or even family & friends.

In this Screely alternative, the screenshot is captured and lets you select the entire window or a part of your window. 

It then auto-detects the dominant colour of the screenshot and automatically sets that as the background colour. 

Shotmockr has a built-in editor with a neat, easily visible toolbar on the top that also lets you change the color of the background or erase it altogether. 

The editor supports text annotations tools with fonts, text size e.t.c.

Shotmockr is also built with strong features to support design mockups that can be easily edited and instantly shared.

You can upload design images and give them a neat mac style window template look with up to 7 design patterns. You do not have to use Sketch, Behance or Photoshop as Shotmockr has a varied array of editing features.

Among the various options, here are some important edit buttons:

  •  7 different mac style designs
  •  Crop screenshot
  •  Screenshot left/right padding
  •  Drag & drop image on canva
  •  Undo, Redo & Clear 
  •  Copy to clipboard 
  •  Blur 
  •  Pen
  •  Arrows 
  •  Emoji support

Screely’s Alternative; Shotmockr also has a Pro and an upcoming team-sharing version that provides enhanced and added features with a lot more benefits.

Shotmockr vs Screely logos
Image by Parveender Lamba from Pixabay ; Edited on Pixlr

Shotmockr vs Screely

Here’s what you can and cannot do in the editor of both the tools:

  • End-result image: When you have completed the editing of your mockup or screenshot, the end-result images of Shotmockr are more clearer than the ones from Screely. The Shotmockr images also occupy less space on device storage. 
  • Privacy: As a privacy measure, the images are not stored on the server. 
  • Screen Recording: Besides this, Shotmockr is now coming up with another amazing feature of Screen Recording. Whereas, Screely has no intention yet to introduce this option. Screen recording is an invaluable tool for tutorials, demos and presentations for various industries. In a click of a button, you can easily record a video of your screen while you continue to work on it. Highly useful for gameplay, video blogging, tutorials and software testing.
  • Organization: Despite the fact that Shotmockr has many more features than Screely, it has a neat organized view, making it easy for professional and leisure users to create beautiful mockups and screenshots. 
  • Icon presentation: The editor toolbar has simple and clear icons that also mention their name, thereby their functions with the slight hover of the mouse cursor.
  • Pricing: Shotmockr Chrome extension is free. Whereas, it costs USD 4.99 to purchase Screely Chrome extension. 
  • Availability: Screely extension is not available for download in every country of the world. In contrast, Shotmockr is not restricted in any country.


You do not need to be a Photoshop pro, a Sketch expert, or a Behance master to create exquisite and professional screenshots and mockups.

Shotmockr logo and tagline picture, edited using the Shotmockr app; The Screely Alternative
Shotmockr app

All of it can be done with the ease of Shotmockr. Crunching down time, flexibility, ease and simplicity, Shotmockr surpasses Screely in many mentioned ways. 

With the click of a button, snap away at your screen and run towards professionalism. All you have to do is click the green button for DOWNLOAD!

Do you see more amazing features that we have missed to mention up here?

Tell us in the comments below about how you feel using the Screely Alternative; Shotmockr!

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